Food machinery modeling contains opportunities, technology and energy conservation become the decisive key



With the progress of the times and the increasing level of consumption, the food industry has developed rapidly, and the requirements of the market for food have become higher and higher. This puts forward new requirements for the research and development of food and packaging machinery. In the process of research and development, the relationship between products, packaging and the environment must be highly coordinated and unified to provide people with fresh, environmentally friendly, safe and fast food.

China has a large number of food machinery enterprises with small scale and low scientific and technological content. Only about 5% of domestic food packaging machinery enterprises have the production capacity of a complete set of packaging automation systems, which can compete with international enterprises such as Japan, Germany and Italy. Most small-scale food enterprises can only rely on imported packaging machinery and equipment.

According to relevant data, from January to September 2013, the cumulative output of special packaging equipment in China was 76386, up 4.13% year on year; The cumulative output of metal containers was 80618818 cubic meters, up 4.12% year on year. China's domestic demand for packaging machinery is large, but because domestic packaging machinery technology can not meet the demand of food enterprises, the import of domestic packaging machinery and equipment has increased.

The food machinery industry is a sunrise industry, which contains huge development potential. China is known as a large factory for food processing in the future. According to relevant data, China now produces 1.2 million tons of canned fruit every year, about 600000 tons of which are exported to foreign countries, accounting for about 1/6 of the global market. In addition to the rigid social needs, the Chinese government will take corresponding incentive measures to vigorously promote the transformation of food machinery enterprises, move towards industrialization, informatization and marketization, and help enterprises break through the difficulties of capital and technology.

Visiongain, a famous international research organization, also predicted that the packaging machinery will undergo revolutionary changes in the next decade, which will bring new opportunities to the food and beverage packaging industry, by investigating the development trend and track of major food packaging and beverage enterprises in the world in recent years.

Science and technology are the life and power of enterprises. The automatic control system of packaging machinery has been continuously improved, making its development tend to be intelligent. For example, the improvement of detection technology can not only display the location of the current machine fault, but also predict the possible fault, so that the operator can check and replace the relevant parts in time, and effectively avoid the occurrence of the fault. Remote monitoring is also an innovative application of food packaging machinery. Group customers can uniformly coordinate the operation of all machines and realize remote monitoring, which is a great convenience for enterprises.

In recent years, China's infrastructure construction has been continuously strengthened, and the corresponding resource consumption, pollutant emissions and noise generated by machinery and equipment have also had an increasing impact on the environment. According to the current situation, China's food packaging machinery enterprises must seize the opportunity, speed up the technology update, take the path of energy conservation and environmental protection, and strive to seize the opportunity for future development.