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About us

Technology R&D

Actively participate in the standardization work of the industry and help the high-quality development of enterprises

The standardization working group of our company is a highly skilled team led by the chairman Ding Chaobiao. It is also the standardization center and scientific research base of the enterprise.

As early as 1997, Mr. Ding Chaobiao, the founder of Yixi Machinery, accurately predicted the future development trend of the food machinery industry with the sensitivity of professional entrepreneurs and the understanding of the connotation of Chinese and foreign food culture, and actively participated in the standardization work of the food machinery industry. He was employed as a member of the "National Technical Committee for Standardization of Food Processing Machinery" and the "National Technical Committee for Commercial Electrical Food Processing Service Equipment".

In 2019, the production address was moved from Shanghai Songjiang to Xieqiao Town, Haining, Zhejiang. "Zhejiang Yixi Machinery Co., Ltd." was established, covering an area of 15000 square meters. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. With the establishment of the new company, the company set up the "Yixi Machinery Standardization Working Group" at the first time. The working group positioned its products at "branding, high-end and intelligent", actively developed brand innovation, and sublimated and extended its core concepts in terms of business scale and product research and development. At present, it has upgraded and optimized the western kitchen equipment, baking equipment and other series of products.

In 2021, Ding Qinyu, a member of the standardization working group and technical backbone, was appointed as a member of the "National Technical Committee for Standardization of Catering Processing Equipment" and the "National Technical Committee for Commercial Electrical Catering Processing Service Equipment".

Yixi Machinery Standardization Working Group has taken the lead in applying for 5 trademarks and more than 20 national patents. At present, it is still trying to apply for national high-tech enterprises. In addition, members of the Working Group have actively participated in various seminars organized by the Standardization Committee, and actively participated in national/industrial standardization work. Up to now, it has participated in the revision of 4 national standards and 2 industrial standards, and has been rated as "Advanced Standardization Collective" by the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Food Processing Equipment.

Yixi Machinery has always been adhering to the attitude of excellence, with professional technology, strict quality management and perfect service, actively operating domestic and foreign businesses. Serve customers and repay society.